This website showcases my completed work as a student in the Moving Image Archive Studies (MIAS) graduate degree program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). I have focused my studies upon the preservation and restoration of film and video.

My path to this discipline began during my tenure as a film technician for Colorlab, a full-service motion picture laboratory. Here I became enamored with film preservation, both for the urgent need to protect our motion picture heritage for future generations and for the complex challenges it presents. After a few years at Colorlab, I came to realize that a solid academic foundation in archiving would further enhance all of my acquired experience and technical skills in film preservation, hence my decision to pursue a Master of Arts degree in this discipline.

Moving images are a viewable record of the past that document history and the way cultures perceive themselves and others. As vital as it is to document the world we live in, doing so is pointless unless these records will be preserved.

While this website includes papers I produced for the core classes in the MIAS program, I am also including papers that are not directly related to preservation and restoration. These papers were written for my Cinema and Media Studies classes, to elaborate upon interests that I developed during my studies. In addition, there is a page on this site that highlights the experience that I have acquired during my practica as well as in my position as a Graduate Assistant in the UCLA Library’s Preservation Department.